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Your CatID (login credentials) at the University of Northern Iowa consists of your username and your passphrase. Your username is a unique 3-8 character account name that identifies you as a member of the UNI community and will be with you throughout your affiliation with UNI. Your username/passphrase combination allows you access to various online resources and computers on campus. The CatID logo (see above) is your clue to use this username/passphrase combination to log in. Click here for more information about CatID.

The information you enter here will be automatically entered into other online applications requiring a log in. Please use your legal name. Be sure to check the spelling and use of upper and lower case letters.

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Although a social security number (SSN) is not required for admission to the University of Northern Iowa, it is required if you plan to apply for financial aid. The privacy and confidentiality of your SSN is protected by Federal and State law; UNI will not disclose your SSN without your consent for any other purposes except as allowed by law.
Choosing this option will assign a temporary identification number to your account. If you decide to apply for financial aid, this will need to be updated by an Admissions staff member at a later time.
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