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The UNI Email and Phone Directory is a very fast database that indexes personal data about people who attend or work for the University of Northern Iowa.


    How to Search the UNI Email and Phone Directory TopTop  

    Searching the Email and Phone Directory is easy! Just enter the partial or full item on which to search in the fields provided. Searches are not case sensitive, so you may use upper or lower case letters in your search criteria.

    You may narrow your search from the default All to only Students or only Faculty/Staff by clicking on the appropriate link on the top menu. Selecting Students only will reveal additional search criteria relating only to students: Major, College, and Classification. Selecting Faculty/Staff reveals the additional search criteria Department. You may also search students based on their home city, state, or country by choosing Student Home from the top menu (country search is not intended to search for students from the United States).

    Enter text in the Phone or Email fields to find a match on that character string appearing anywhere within the field. For example, a search on 7431 in the phone number will return matches on the 277-7431, 273-7431, 277-4318, 743-1447, and 277-4313 . Parenthesis and dashes may be used in phone search.


    Error Messages TopTop  

    • No records were found.
      This error indicates you clicked the Search button without entering any search criteria at all. You must enter text in at least one of the fields or make a selection from one of the Student or Faculty/Staff dropdown criteria.

    • Too many records were found.
      This error means that you need to refine your search criteria.

    • Other Errors
      Any other errors should be reported to access-uni@uni.edu.


    Frequently asked questions TopTop  

    • Will information I restrict be available in the UNI Email and Phone Directory?
      Information you restrict through the Registrar's Office, Human Resource Services, or online through Update Personal Information will not be made available to outside organizations or persons.

    • When is the information updated in the UNI Email and Phone Directory?
      The institutional information for the UNI Email and Phone Directory is updated nightly. Institutional information you have requested to be changed is processed by the appropriate office. Once the processing is complete, it will be included in the Email and Phone Directory. Please allow 1-2 days for processing.

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